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CFA Registered

We are a small CFA registered cattery. All the parents and Persian Kittens for sale are CFA registered extreme faced persians.

Healthy kittens

Our Persian Kittens are raised by us in a warm and comforting environment. They will get all their first shots and will be cleared by the vet for PKD, FIV and FELV.


We can personally deliver the Persian Kittens to you anywhere in the US. Additional charges may apply.


What makes a persian kitten different

Persian kittens are typically long-haired with a round face, big round eyes and a short flat nose. Their bodies are short and they have big paws.

Quite opposite from how they look, Persian Kittens have sweet, gentle, personalities that blend into most households once they feel secure in their new environment.  Persian kittens are typical lap cats. They love to cuddle and are playful and curious. Our persian kittens love to take long naps (sometimes laying on their back 🙂 ), but they also love to play. Even when they get older, they keep on displaying kitten-like behavior.

In contrast to regular cats, persian kittens get very attached to their owners and require attention and love. Our persian kittens want to be picked up, held and will come up to us to cuddle. Persian kittens are devoted to their humans, but they must earn their love and trust. When our persian kittens do not get enough attention they will make it known to us by jumping on us or starting to make noise. Persian kittens are not aggressive and are generally friendly with anyone and everyone.

Taking care of your new Persian kitten

Before considering getting a Persian Kitten, please bare in mind that these little fluffballs require a lot of work. Most Persians will require daily grooming and cleaning of the eyes.

We will only give our Persian Kittens to households that will take proper care of their new family member and gives them the love and attention they deserve. Persians are very affectionate and they will get sad if you don't take care of them.

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Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding upcoming litters, need of Persian Kittens, etc.